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About international Green Card system

The international motor civil liability insurance system (known as the "Green Card System")  has been operating since 1951. Its key objective is to settle claims initiated by victims of traffic accidents involving foreign drivers under the national law of the country of the accident.

The Green Card national bureaus are members of the unified organization, The Council of Bureaux, with its headquarters in Brussels. The Council is functioning under the aegis of the Motor Transport Work Group of the Internal Transport Committee of The Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations.

The Green Card system comprises 48 countries: Russia, all the European countries, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

In accordance with the resolution of the General Assembly of the Council of Green Card Bureaux of May 29, 2008 Russia has joined the Green Card system from the 1 st of January 2009. The functions of the Russian Green Card Bureau are imposed on the Russian Association of Motor Insurers.

The legal and regulatory documents specifying basic principles of the Green Card system: